Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Afghan Headspin's take on 2008!

What a year for us, after a lot of time in the studio 2008 was very prolific for us release wise. We have forged bonds with many labels this year, Westway, Bombtraxx, Silo, Mechanoise, Audio Gore, Polar Red, Downbeat & Tortured Breaks, and we have also completed material for 2009 for Colony Productions & Bassrock.

We also started our labels Valium (vinyl & digital) & Standard Audio (digital only), and have managed to work with some of our favourite artists within the breaks scene, Vent, IITone, Phat Riderz, MARS, Xim n'bass and Slim Blue to name a few!

This year has also seen us play our DJ sets in Spain, Bristol, London and Jersey, and bookings for 2009 are already taking shape, most notably our booking for the next Breakspoll @ Fabric.

We would like to thank all the people that have made 2008 a great year for us - Jay Cunning Kiss 100 / Menu Music, all the Radik-Al crew from Spain, Ceos @ Downbeat, Jodi @ Mechamusic, MARS (XSSR), Sam & Dan from VENT, Annie Nightingale, Dash from Ctrl Z, Quest, Ben & Lex, Nat & George from 601, Jimmy from Nu Skool Breaks, Lee Cut La Roc, Paul @ Bassrock, Mikey Silo, Henry @ Bombtraxx, Andy @ Z Audio (if it wasn't for this guy we would never have released the track "Cocaine"!!!) and many many others along the way, you know who you are!!!

Here's to 2009, massive thanks to everyone who's supported us, hope you all have a great year ahead!

Standard Audio presents IITone - War Cry / Doomsday BUY IT NOW

IITone, huge new signing to Standard Audio releases his debut on Afghan Headspins Digital imprint. Following in the footsteps of MARS, Slim Blue, Phat Riderz & Xim n'Bass, IITone fits straight in with his heavy basslines and broken beats, and he is also working on new material for the label for release in 2009! Definately one to watch with worldwide DJ support.


Also available @ Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown and many many more digital stores worldwide.

Also check out IITones Facebook Page

Keep and ear out for new beats on Standard in the form of BBB with a track called "Let The Bass" and a remix to match no other from the 601 crew, watch this space!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Afghan Headspin NEWS West Way / Roc Star / Valium

Sorry we haven't been about for a while, snowed under by the weight of it getting dark early, and there not being enough hours in the day let alone week!

We've been mad busy, what with the release of Valium001 & 002, and both releases still going strong, and also Cocaine which has just got a life of its own as far as crossing genres goes, massive shout to everyone whose supported it.

Onto news that may be of interest, we have been working with Cut La Roc (Roc Star/ Skint) and done a remix of his track Hypertension, forthcoming on Westway, not sure if of when it will see the light of day, but you can definately catch us dropping it out and about on the road. There is talk of us doing further work for Cut La Roc on Roc Star so keep em peeled for more news about that.

Our remix of Cybass' Shake It has just dropped on Silo, grab it on vinyl whilst you can, digital to follow shortly. Rumour has it that our remix of Dilemn's Tonight is not far off from release either, grab it at your local store soon.

We are also currently working on an original track for Bass Rock, called "Bad Selection", finishing it off in the next week, mixdowns and final touches stage! We will follow with a remix of a Jinx track too, again more details to follow.

And finally we are starting out work on our 2nd album, so we will probably go quiet for a while, but we will be back!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Afghan Headspin - Bang Spanner & Vent REMIX now available on MP3


Available now @ Juno Download @ 99p

Plus available at all leading download sites in the forthcoming weeks. Grab em whilst their hot!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Valium label nights now booking!

We are trying to put together some Valium label nights... DJ's will be Vent & / or Afghan Headspin To contact us PM me via this site, or email direct bujas4@aol.com If you don't know what we are about please take a look & listen to some of the links below:


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Afghan Headspin Release Update Sept 2008

We have 2 remixes that have been sitting in the wings, but are now very close to getting released, first up is a remix of Mobius - Thugz, forthcoming on APE and also, Spanish label Audio Gore will be releasing our remix of Stormtrooperz - Spirits. The APE remix has a nod towards the early 90's, think Primal Scream / Stone Roses, and the Audio Gore release is a pure, balls out amen smasher! Don't forget our remix of Dilemn's Daylight will be getting mastered shortly too!

We also have just recieved back from Vent, a mastered version of our remix of their track Warez 3.5.1, this will be coming out via Colony Productions, run by Vents Sam Ashwell & Dave Tipper.

More remix news... does it ever end? We are about to go in the studio to take on 2 projects, one for Jodi from Mechanoise and also one for a crew from Spain, we will announce further info when we have them completed, could be a few weeks / months yet!

We are also starting a new original track called "Eat Dirt & Do One", which will be a re-working of an old Resonant Evil drum & bass track you may have heard of called "Troubleshoot", and we hope this to come out on Valium in the near future. Talking of Valium, we have also comissioned remixes of the next release - Vent - Go Gorilla / Turn The Page, from 4Kuba & Mars respectively, can't wait to get that project underway!

And finally to celebrate our release of "The Blimmey Ladder" LP on Beatport via Polar Red we are giving away the huge sounding DEAD RISING

We hope you enjoy this free download and it encourages you to BUY the album in full @ Beatport, iTunes, Napster or eMusic. Just search for Afghan Headspin The Blimey Ladder.

Thats all from us at the moment, more news when we have it! Keep it Afghan. Remember if you want to book us for dj / remix work email bujas4@aol.com direct.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Afghan Headspin - Bang Spanner SOLD OUT!

This week saw the debut release of Valium, a new label set up by Afghan Headspin showcasing forward thinking tearout breaks, sell out across the board at all leading independant record stores!

Massive shouts to people who have bought the vinyl already, and rest assured those that haven't managed to get a copy, Z Audio are shipping them out to stores on a daily basis. Currently @ no 1 on the Chemical Records Breaks Chart.

Valium002 (see post below for more details) also got an exclusive play on Jay Cunning's Kiss 100 show, make sure you log onto http://www.kiss100.com/ and re-listen to the show on the kiss player.

This week also see's the 2nd release on Standard Audio (Digital only), the massive "Big Green Fecker" by Slim Blue, and a remix by breaks man of the moment Mars & Eddy Noise, grab your copies now at all leading online retailers.

Lastly, a big shout goes out to Becky Boo & Legs! Just because because...

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Vent on Valium

Just a quick heads up, Valium 002 will feature the mighty Vent (Colony Productions / Hardcore Beats) with 2 original tracks - Go Gorilla & Turn The Page. If you've been lucky enough to catch us on our European gigs you would have heard these already, if not, it will be worth the wait! TRUST!

Again this Valium release will be available on Vinyl (we must be mad!) & Digital, we hope you continue to support us! We will post further details when we can, but we intend to carry on as we did on Valium 001 and keep the audio as fresh as possible, so when you buy it, you ain't sick to death of it already, and you have something to bang in your local clubs / bedrooms for a few weeks!

Afghan Headspin - Cocaine

Afghan Headspin's latest track Cocaine will be getting a release on a one sided ltd edition White Vinyl on Sept 1st 2008. Available to all shops via Z Audio. And don't forget to keep an eye out for Valium 001 (see post below for further details!) due to drop on 18th August.

Standard Audio will also get its 2nd release in August, featuring the massive "Big Green Fecker" by Slim Blue, and a sick remix - see http://www.myspace.com/standardaudiouk for more details.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Afghan Headspin - Bang Spanner

Forthcoming on Afghan Headspin's ltd Vinyl Imprint "Valium" forthcoming August 18th 2008 (God willing!) via Z Audio. See pic / post below for details of the flip! This is just a tease, very few select dj's have the audio, get out in the clubs and hear it how it should be heard! Myspace audio to follow once we get closer to the release date.

Afghan Headspin - Bang Spanner - VENT Remix

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Standard Audio >>> BUY YOUR COPY NOW

All tracks have been professionally mastered at Heathmans.


MARS - Beast
Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp - MARS Remix


Or @ your favourite download store worldwide


Mars - Beast [Standard]
Lord Almighty. Bassline or what?. This thing sounds like it's going to rip you apart. Big bass, I mean BIG BAD MASSIVE NARLY BASS with sub oozing all over the place. Beast, this thing cannot be named better. It is exactly that. This tune will be huge. Simple, vicious and fucking RAH. It's like Hell on a power trip. DVNT.


Afghan Headspin bring us the first of what I’m sure will be many WICKED releases! With the intent of bringing us music with an attitude these guys have lined up just that for this first one Absolutely Incredible!Mars - Beast….Right from beat one you can tell that mars IS NOT messing around on this tune! Complete with snarling, roaring, fear of god invoking samples this tune is just what it suggests. When I tell you that during the breakdown i felt as though I should grab some kind of protection…..thats because i was truly a bit chilled. By the time the tune drops you really don’t know if you should be scared of the beast….or the BASS! This has got to be the grimiest, dirtiest, fuggin’ balls to the wall tune that I may have ever heard…..I LOVE IT! Big, Big Biiiiiiiig ups to mars and the boys at Standard on this one. This tune gets my official “Big Balla Breaks of the year” Award….and its only June. You MUST hear this tune.

Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp (Mars RmX)…. As a big fan of the Original, I was very excited to hear this tune. The first hint of a B-Line assured me that this would be another proper tune from Russian mastermind MARS. Choc full of smooth ass edits, solid drum lines, and more of that “Oh so Grimey” bass this tune is very fitting, and probably the perfect backer to a tune like “Beast”. Mars continues to bring us proper Peak hour grime and Standard gives us a good idea of how they intend on doing business. This label is one to get excited bout for SURE!
Standard is at this point a digital only label. Brought to us by Afghan Headspin this label is aimed at bringing hope back to the “heavy, grimey, Bass lovin” masses and they certainly do not fail with their first installment. With releases lined up from themselves (Afghan Headspin),Slim Blue, Eddie Noise, Phat Riderz, Xim N'Bass, BBB and MARS to name a few this label shows GREAT promise and has certainly gotten this reviewer extremely STOKED! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THIS LABEL.......

Afghan Headspin in Russia

Thursday, 19 June 2008

XSSR Podcast 2 mixed by MARS feat Afghan Headspin


XSSR Podcast Vol 2 Mixed by MARS

1. Access Denied - Lucky Bitches
2. Mars and The Phat Riderz - You Need Love
3. Mars - Forbidden Sun
4. Access Denied - Broken Clutch
5. Afghan Headspin - Darkside
6. Sidel - Rollin
7. Metallica - Seek and Destroy (PRO7 Remix)
8. 4KUBA - Phunky Maiden
9. The Phat RiderZ - Mindtricks
10. Mars and Motive ft Profit - Back To Basics
11. Mars and The Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat (Afghan Headspin remix)
12. Mars - Samurai
13. 4KUBA - Phunky Maiden (The Playfellow remix)

style: Breakbeat
length: 55 min
size: 66 MBs

Monday, 9 June 2008

Afghan Headspin - Chien Lunatique - FREE 320kbs MP3

Grab a free copy of Chien Lunatiue, previously scheduled for release on a US breaks label, and now we have pulled it and are giving it free to you! There is only 100 downloads on this one, so be quick:


If you like it, we hope you play it loud!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

XSSR New Release - Buy It Now!

XSSR, Russia's biggest Breaks label announces - The Reds attack and score! XSSR Music is presenting its second release - Communistic Funky Beat. The campaign against musical illiteracy is being carried out by comrades MARS and bassline breaks Guru's - The Phat Riders (trans:verse records, viralbreaks).

Check it out! - Communistic greetings to our English comrades, Afghan Headspin; who supply a super-power bassline remix. Plus 2 tech sound remixes from the labels residents 4kuba and Access Denied.

The release is available in stores:

And soon in iTunes, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Amazon MP3

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Standard Audio is on its way!

New digital label Standard Audio first release, bought to you by Afghan Headspin is now available to listen to @ Standards Myspace Page with the first release loaded on the player. Mars is currently working on final mixdowns then its off to the mastering house, and then it will be distributed via all decent digital outlets worldwide via Nu Urban Music , further release dates when we have em!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

New Remix on Myspace for Silo Recordings

We have just finished a remix of Cybass' Shake It, forthcoming on Silo Recorings. Hear it first at myspace and also dont forget to grab a listen to the other bits, Communistic Funky Beat Remix, Box Cake & Chien Lunatique whilst your there! Nice skull Malcom!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Afghan Headspin MP3's @ Additech!

Additech seems to be one of the online MP3 stores that has most of our releases on MP3 under one roof...


Buy Afghan Headspin releases in the USA

We just added the following title by Afghan Headspin to DanceRecords.com:

Afghan Headspin / Cote - "MSG / Brutality" [Mechanoise]

Buy/listen: http://www.dancerecords.com/products/191456

Note: This title is in stock as of 2008-05-06 14:59:17 US Pacific Time and may sell out at any time.

Search "Afghan Headspin" for all tracks available.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Buy the latest Afghan Headspin Releases!

Both outlets ship Worldwide & take Paypal, and you can order in stock when it's sold out:

Monday, 5 May 2008

Bass Pressure 6 Photo's

Check out the pictures @ our Myspace in the pics section.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Afghan Headspin MSG out on vinyl today!

MSG hits the stores today on the massive Mechanoise label, please show your support and grab a copy for your collection! Massive shouts to Cote on the flip, killer track to share the vinyl with.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Exclusive Mars Mix @ Radik-All


1. Afghan Headspin - Box Cake [CDR]
2. Access Denied -Atomic Reactor (Mars rmx) [XSSR Music]
3. Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp [Standard CDR]
4. Quadrat Beat - Rasoblade (Mars rmx) [CDR]
5. Afghan Headspin - MSG (Eskmo rmx) [Mechanoise CDR]
6. Mars - Torpedo [CDR]
7. ViperX & Perfect Kombo - Techbastersz [CDR]
8. Noisia - Concussion (The Phat RiderZ Re-edit) [CDR]
9 Mars, Xenon and Robosteel - Oblivion [Mechanoise CDR]
10. Mars - Beast [Standard CDR]
11. Mars and Robosteel - Sol Oscuro
12. Mars - Brains Out [Trans:Verse CDR]

Find it here!

Afghan Headspin Bass Pressure 6 May 3rd 2008

Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Remix on myspace

We have just finished a remix of Mars & Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat, coming to a digital store near you very soon! This is only getting a digital release, which means it will be a matter of days from studio to shop, which is great news for us having spent the best part of a year with tunes backed up waiting to go out on vinyl.


We will be playing at Bass Pressure 6 on May 3rd and also in Spain again on June 7th. We are currently taking bookings for 2008, so please get in contact if you have any dates in mind.


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Afghan Headspin - Darkside - FREE MP3

Taken from our debut Afghan Headspin album "The Blimey Ladder", Darkside has been in the cd wallets of many dj's worldwide, and now we open it up for free download! LIke it? Please check out the album, available at iTunes, just search for "Afghan Headspin The Blimey Ladder", all 17 tracks can be bought seperately, or for a great discount buy all together as an album.


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Afghan Headspin April 2008 Mix free download (33 mins 30mb)

Afghan Headspin - Chien Lunatique - Trans:verse
Agent K & Bella - Sierra Leone - Phat Riderz Remix - Unknown
Breakfastaz - The March - Afghan Headspin Remix - Cyberfunk
Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp - Mars Remix - Standard
Takomo - 3.1459 - Afghan Headspin Remix - Viral
Dilemn - Daylight - Afghan Headspin Remix - Bombtraxx
Mobius - Thugz - Afghan Headspin Remix - Ape
Mars - Beast - Standard
Mars & Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat - 4kuba Remix - XSSR

Standard - new label by Afghan Headspin

We have decided that Standard will be a digital label only, full worldwide distribution will be done by Nu Urban Music

Currently the first releases are being given to dj's and the masters will be going off shortly for mastering before sale.

Release schedule will start as:

Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp (Mars Remix)
Mars - Beast

You can hear these out and about in the clubs getting played by selected dj's, more news when we have final release dates!

In the studio with Afghan Headspin video exclusive!

Click to view

This video was shot on Bex phone whilst working on the remix of Cybass' Shake It for Silo recordings....

Thursday, 10 April 2008

FREE mp3 mix download by MARS (Russia)

Featuring 2 Afghan Headspin tracks...



1. Mars And Prestige - In The Office [Basic Instinct Music]
2. Mars - We Are Drummers [Basic Instinct Music]
3. Dilemn - Daylight [Bombtraxx]
4. Mars Feat Dephonix - Feel Like This [Vortex]
5. Teknic B - Nightmare [L3]
6. Mars - Undiscovered Overdose
7. Afghan Headspin - Scanners [Downbeat]
8. Mars - I'd Like To F*ck Your Brains Up
9. Mars - Trouble
10. The Phat Riderz And Mars - Unfinished
11. Mars And Prestige - Watch Dis [Trans:Verse]
12. Prestige - The Crave (Mars Rmx)
13. Afghan Headspin - Shadow Lands [L3]
14. White Papoo - Primitif
15. The Phat Riderz And Mars - Remember
16. Mars - New - Unfinished

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Afghan Headspin - Scanners - BACK IN STOCK!

We are pleased to inform you that the following item is now back in stock at 11:32 2008-04-08.

DBP009 - Afghan Headspin - Scanners / [Anti-Science RMX] - Downbeat Productions

Stocks of this item are very limited however, and all orders will be taken on a first come first served basis.


Monday, 7 April 2008

Promo's out now for Afghan Headspin's MSG



MECH2031 Distributed by Z Audio RELEASED APRIL 2008


Mechanoise is especially excited about the first release from the Aghan Headspin boys. Having bonded with them at gigs in spain last summer it was clear that they had the kind of attitude to breaks and life in general that was very close to the Mechanoise vibe.

M.S.G has the brute force and attitude that makes it sound at home on the daddy of heavy breaks labels.

“War of the Worlds” samples intoduce a wall of noise which evokes thoughts of Tipper or Si Begg at their nastiest before the bassline drops with beats and catchy lead riff and ethereal vocal lines. Full of tight edits and heavy on the bass this one screams Mechanoise in your face before running off down the pub to get pissed and start a fight with anyone that looks at it’s pint funny.


On the flip comes a first release on Mechanoise from up and coming Spanish producer CoTe. Proving once again that the Spaniards really have upped the game as far as production of heavy breaks sounds, CoTe unleashes an intense array of beats and bass tightly produced and carefully edited for those who like their beats heavy as the come. Robotic voices and unwordly synths give this track mood and character above and beyond the average heavy breaks track!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Afghan Headspin forthcoming releases and projects

We have had our heads down in the studio for sometime now with no releases (no thanks to delays and vinyl / mp3 distribution issues), but dont fear, as 2008 is already looking like it will be our most prolific yet, so have a read below, and then a listen to see what we've been up to!

Forthcoming: (TBA tracks are still in negotiations with various labels)

Afghan Headspin - MSG - Mechanoise
Afghan Headspin - Chien Lunatique - Trans:verse
Afghan Headspin - Box Cake (TBA)
Afghan Headspin - Bang Spanner (TBA)
Afghan Headspin - Manana (TBA)
Takomo - 3.1459 - Afghan Headspin Remix - Trans:verse
Stormtooperz - Spirits - Afghan Headspin Remix - Audiogore
Mobius - Thugz - Afghan Headspin Remix - APE
Dilemn - Daylight - Afghan Headspin Remix - Bombtraxx
MARS - Beast - Afghan Headspin Remix - Standard
Breakfastaz - The March - Afghan Headspin Remix - Cyberfunk

There is also a few artists remixing some of our work too, Eskmo, Phat Riderz & MARS to name a few, so keep your ears to the ground for them too! We hope everything listed see's the light of day this year, maybe one or two will get through the net, so make sure you come and see us play out, or if you're a promoter, book us to get a listen in the club, as it should be heard!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Afghan Headspin - Box Cake - Myspace Update

We have uploaded loads of new tracks on our myspace page, including Boxcake, a remix of Stormtrooperz "Spirits", and many others, make sure you go grab a listen, everything will be scheduled for release over the coming months, so we'll post it here when we have further details

Monday, 31 March 2008

Afghan Headspin - MSG - Eskmo Remix

Another FREE mix to Download (DUBSTEP) . This one comes from Eskmo and features a remix of Afghan Headspin's MSG, the original is forthcoming on Mechanoise.

1) Intro: Dj Quest & Eskmo : "Speaker's Corner" - (Cyberfunk)
2) Eskmo - "Important" - (dub)
3) Eskmo - "Process"- (Studio Rockers / (Botchit)
4) Eskmo - "Amphibian" - (Full Melt)
5) Dj Quest & Eskmo (Eskmo & The Antiserum RMX) - "Speaker's Corner"
6) Eskmo - "The Pacific"- (dub)
7) Eskmo - "Manner Of Experience"- (dub)
8 ) Eskmo - "The Grail Castle"- (forthcoming Studio Rockers / (Botchit))
9) Eskmo - "Spearhands"- (dub)
10) Eskmo - "Jetski" - (Bassrock)
11) Eskmo & The Antiserum - "Monstahs" - (Full Melt)
12) Afghan Headspin (Eskmo RMX) - "MSG"-

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Afghan Headspin - The Blimey Ladder (Album) MP3 Mega Mix

This mix of various tracks from the album was put together by 601 (on Ableton i believe) to mark the release of The Blimey Ladder. This album was put together in 2006 - 2007 and includes tracks such as: Skets, Devastating, 1234, It's not uncommon to want to get fuck*d up! Darkside, Den Horn and many more from the Afghan arsenal of dancefloor bangers.

Download it here, remember, only 100 downloads, so be quick.

To BUY the album (or individual tracks from it) please SEARCH Afghan Headspin on iTunes

Thanks for listening, feel free to pass the mix on to your mates, just tell em where you got it!

Bass Pressure 6 (Spain) May 3rd 2008

Below is a video shot by the people at http://www.radik-all.com/ when we played Bass Pressure 5 (Spain - 2007), we have just confirmed we will be playing Bass Pressure 6, May 3rd 2008. Book your tickets now! This is THE party for all your hardcore breaks heads out there!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Afghan Headspin T-Shirts

Cheap as fu*k (from £11), high quality T-Shirts. What can we say, you got the music, now get the clothes! You know it makes sense.

Loads of sizes & colours, men & womens, boys & gals sizes, there really is something for your whole crew.

Click to go to store

Lazersnake - Oceanic - LP MP3

An online friend of ours passed over their album, and has kindly let us post the link for everyone. Straight out of Canada, Lazersnake's "Oceanic" is a mad rollercoaster of an album, fresh and organic, make sure you give it a listen! Not sure how long the bandwidth will last for this one so grab it fast! You have been warned....

Dirty Habit Drum & Bass

Some of you may know that we've always been dnb heads, releasing stuff over the years as solo artists Wrisk & Mackie, and also with Audio as Resonant Evil. See http://www.rolldabeats.com/artist/resonant_evil for a proper discography plus all related projects.

Dirty Habit is a new drum and bass label we run, showcasing some of the best up and coming talent in the world. Check out www.myspace.com/dirtyhabitworldwide for the latest sounds.
This label is distributed worldwide on vinyl via Nu Urban Music http://www.nu-urbanmusic.co.uk/ and in all decent download stores, including iTunes, emusic, Beatport.
Keep an eye out for Ben Sage & Susoniks "Drop In The Ocean" about to drop very shortly!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Afghan Headspin's remix of Takomo's 3.14159 in the mix!

This mix by Takomo was done for promoters extraordinaire Radik-All (Bass Pressure)



1. DJ Quest - Sedated (Si Begg remix) [cyberfunk]
2. Eskmo - Speaking In Tongues [mechanoise]
3. Dilemn - Time To Sing [bombtraxx]
4. Cari Lekebusch - Ruler Measure [drumcode]
5. Si Begg feat. MC Epcot - Hard Like Funk [noodles]
6. Nubreed - Festa [distinctive]
7. Double Negative - Road Works [trans:verse]
8. Redline - Lashed [urban graffiti]
9. Takomo - 3.14159 (Afghan Headspin remix) [viral breaks]
10. Toasty - Take It Personal [hotflush]
11. Takomo - Do You Know? [destructive vs pitch black]

The remix will be forthcoming on part of the Trans:verse album along with another track of ours called "Chien Lunatique", more news when we have it!

MP3 Downloads

Unfortunately i've yet to find one single store that sorts out all our Afghan Headspin drum & Bass / breakbeat releases for sale on MP3 under one roof, this is due to us releasing on many different labels worldwide and in turn them using different outlets for their merchandise. Here's a small start to where you can find our tracks, so if you like the free stuff we serve up, make sure you check out our other material!

Links below will vary from Drum & Bass to Breaks mp3'S.


I will try and update this list as and when, as not all our releases are yet available online, soon as i have news on that i'll pass it on! Don't forget that iTunes & Napster also carry our Album "The Blimey Ladder" but unfortunately i have no direct links, so just go to the main site and search http://www.itunes.com/.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Breaks FM @ WMC

Everyones fu**ed off to WMC, apart from us! GUTTED! Make sure you try and reach the Breaks FM bash - Thursday the 27th of March, the 2nd annual BreaksFm WMC party - Bass Heavy.

Jodi (Sunz of Mecha) will definately be dropping our new track "Box Cake". See http://www.breaksfm.com/ for more!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Skets! Free MP3 download

OK, so here goes, Afghan Headspin blog!

Out of interest Colin, Lump and Chunk is a reference to what?

Thought i'd start with a free 320kbs mp3 of SKETS. Unfortunately its very limited, 100 downloads only, lets see how far the track spreads!This track comes from our album "The Blimey Ladder", available on iTunes and many other download sites, so make sure you give it a listen if you like Skets. Remember, only 100 download links, when they've gone they've gone!


Talking of free tunes, check out Does It Offend You Yeah?'s website for a free mp3 of their latest release, i'm well in it!

And just for shits and giggles this is what my missus Becky is listening to at the moment!

For everything else Afghan Headspin related, check some of these links out >>>

Check back for some more beats and blogs soon....

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What's all this about then? JASON!? Help me!