Sunday, 17 May 2009

Unreleased Afghan Headspin tunes / remixes MAY 2009

Just a quick list of forthcoming bits and pieces for all you trainspotters out there:

Shut Up & Dance v's Afghan Headspin - Suicide
Cut La Roc v's Afghan Headspin - Untitled (Roc Star)
The Play Fellows - Hyjack - Afghan Headspin Mix (Roc Star)
Lightshapers - Synth Punk - Afghan Headspin Remix (APE)
Afghan Headspin - 5 Years 10 Years
Afghan Headspin v' MARS - Cocaine VIP
Stickybuds - ??? - Afghan Headspin Remix

Sorry about the ??? just can't remember the names of stuff, but a bit of digging and i'm sure all will be made apparent.

New Afghan Headspin You Tube page...

Will be updating this with new tracks on a weekly / monthly basis where possible. we kick off with a few new bits waiting for release, check it out.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

May 2009 Update

Mad mad busy it seems these days, studio work seems never ending, remix this, remix that, and now we've progressed onto collaborations! Namely Afghan Headspin v's Shut Up & Dance and also v's Cut La Roc, both pretty much done and dusted, and hopefully getting scheduled in the next few weeks / months.

We're also finishing off a remix of Shut Up & Dance's track CREAM, another session this Sunday and we should be done! We've uploaded a few new bits onto the myspace player, a new original track called "Beef Disco" for charity album "It's Good For The Soul", so give that all your support because the proceeds won't get spent on beer and sneakers, but people in genuine need of your money!

On the gig front we just got booked for Glastonbury, playing in the Pussy Parlour on the Thursday, the set being recorded live for later transmission on Annie Nightingales Radio 1 show! RESULT!

I'm gonna try and start doing a video blog, but until i get used to seeing myself looking a bit weird on the screen you'll have to do with this worded blog. Come back soon..... we need you!