Monday, 31 March 2008

Afghan Headspin - MSG - Eskmo Remix

Another FREE mix to Download (DUBSTEP) . This one comes from Eskmo and features a remix of Afghan Headspin's MSG, the original is forthcoming on Mechanoise.

1) Intro: Dj Quest & Eskmo : "Speaker's Corner" - (Cyberfunk)
2) Eskmo - "Important" - (dub)
3) Eskmo - "Process"- (Studio Rockers / (Botchit)
4) Eskmo - "Amphibian" - (Full Melt)
5) Dj Quest & Eskmo (Eskmo & The Antiserum RMX) - "Speaker's Corner"
6) Eskmo - "The Pacific"- (dub)
7) Eskmo - "Manner Of Experience"- (dub)
8 ) Eskmo - "The Grail Castle"- (forthcoming Studio Rockers / (Botchit))
9) Eskmo - "Spearhands"- (dub)
10) Eskmo - "Jetski" - (Bassrock)
11) Eskmo & The Antiserum - "Monstahs" - (Full Melt)
12) Afghan Headspin (Eskmo RMX) - "MSG"-

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Afghan Headspin - The Blimey Ladder (Album) MP3 Mega Mix

This mix of various tracks from the album was put together by 601 (on Ableton i believe) to mark the release of The Blimey Ladder. This album was put together in 2006 - 2007 and includes tracks such as: Skets, Devastating, 1234, It's not uncommon to want to get fuck*d up! Darkside, Den Horn and many more from the Afghan arsenal of dancefloor bangers.

Download it here, remember, only 100 downloads, so be quick.

To BUY the album (or individual tracks from it) please SEARCH Afghan Headspin on iTunes

Thanks for listening, feel free to pass the mix on to your mates, just tell em where you got it!

Bass Pressure 6 (Spain) May 3rd 2008

Below is a video shot by the people at when we played Bass Pressure 5 (Spain - 2007), we have just confirmed we will be playing Bass Pressure 6, May 3rd 2008. Book your tickets now! This is THE party for all your hardcore breaks heads out there!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Afghan Headspin T-Shirts

Cheap as fu*k (from £11), high quality T-Shirts. What can we say, you got the music, now get the clothes! You know it makes sense.

Loads of sizes & colours, men & womens, boys & gals sizes, there really is something for your whole crew.

Click to go to store

Lazersnake - Oceanic - LP MP3

An online friend of ours passed over their album, and has kindly let us post the link for everyone. Straight out of Canada, Lazersnake's "Oceanic" is a mad rollercoaster of an album, fresh and organic, make sure you give it a listen! Not sure how long the bandwidth will last for this one so grab it fast! You have been warned....

Dirty Habit Drum & Bass

Some of you may know that we've always been dnb heads, releasing stuff over the years as solo artists Wrisk & Mackie, and also with Audio as Resonant Evil. See for a proper discography plus all related projects.

Dirty Habit is a new drum and bass label we run, showcasing some of the best up and coming talent in the world. Check out for the latest sounds.
This label is distributed worldwide on vinyl via Nu Urban Music and in all decent download stores, including iTunes, emusic, Beatport.
Keep an eye out for Ben Sage & Susoniks "Drop In The Ocean" about to drop very shortly!

Friday, 28 March 2008

Afghan Headspin's remix of Takomo's 3.14159 in the mix!

This mix by Takomo was done for promoters extraordinaire Radik-All (Bass Pressure)


1. DJ Quest - Sedated (Si Begg remix) [cyberfunk]
2. Eskmo - Speaking In Tongues [mechanoise]
3. Dilemn - Time To Sing [bombtraxx]
4. Cari Lekebusch - Ruler Measure [drumcode]
5. Si Begg feat. MC Epcot - Hard Like Funk [noodles]
6. Nubreed - Festa [distinctive]
7. Double Negative - Road Works [trans:verse]
8. Redline - Lashed [urban graffiti]
9. Takomo - 3.14159 (Afghan Headspin remix) [viral breaks]
10. Toasty - Take It Personal [hotflush]
11. Takomo - Do You Know? [destructive vs pitch black]

The remix will be forthcoming on part of the Trans:verse album along with another track of ours called "Chien Lunatique", more news when we have it!

MP3 Downloads

Unfortunately i've yet to find one single store that sorts out all our Afghan Headspin drum & Bass / breakbeat releases for sale on MP3 under one roof, this is due to us releasing on many different labels worldwide and in turn them using different outlets for their merchandise. Here's a small start to where you can find our tracks, so if you like the free stuff we serve up, make sure you check out our other material!

Links below will vary from Drum & Bass to Breaks mp3'S.


I will try and update this list as and when, as not all our releases are yet available online, soon as i have news on that i'll pass it on! Don't forget that iTunes & Napster also carry our Album "The Blimey Ladder" but unfortunately i have no direct links, so just go to the main site and search

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Breaks FM @ WMC

Everyones fu**ed off to WMC, apart from us! GUTTED! Make sure you try and reach the Breaks FM bash - Thursday the 27th of March, the 2nd annual BreaksFm WMC party - Bass Heavy.

Jodi (Sunz of Mecha) will definately be dropping our new track "Box Cake". See for more!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Skets! Free MP3 download

OK, so here goes, Afghan Headspin blog!

Out of interest Colin, Lump and Chunk is a reference to what?

Thought i'd start with a free 320kbs mp3 of SKETS. Unfortunately its very limited, 100 downloads only, lets see how far the track spreads!This track comes from our album "The Blimey Ladder", available on iTunes and many other download sites, so make sure you give it a listen if you like Skets. Remember, only 100 download links, when they've gone they've gone!

Talking of free tunes, check out Does It Offend You Yeah?'s website for a free mp3 of their latest release, i'm well in it!

And just for shits and giggles this is what my missus Becky is listening to at the moment!

For everything else Afghan Headspin related, check some of these links out >>>

Check back for some more beats and blogs soon....

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