Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Exclusive Mars Mix @ Radik-All


1. Afghan Headspin - Box Cake [CDR]
2. Access Denied -Atomic Reactor (Mars rmx) [XSSR Music]
3. Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp [Standard CDR]
4. Quadrat Beat - Rasoblade (Mars rmx) [CDR]
5. Afghan Headspin - MSG (Eskmo rmx) [Mechanoise CDR]
6. Mars - Torpedo [CDR]
7. ViperX & Perfect Kombo - Techbastersz [CDR]
8. Noisia - Concussion (The Phat RiderZ Re-edit) [CDR]
9 Mars, Xenon and Robosteel - Oblivion [Mechanoise CDR]
10. Mars - Beast [Standard CDR]
11. Mars and Robosteel - Sol Oscuro
12. Mars - Brains Out [Trans:Verse CDR]

Find it here!

Afghan Headspin Bass Pressure 6 May 3rd 2008

Sunday, 27 April 2008

New Remix on myspace

We have just finished a remix of Mars & Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat, coming to a digital store near you very soon! This is only getting a digital release, which means it will be a matter of days from studio to shop, which is great news for us having spent the best part of a year with tunes backed up waiting to go out on vinyl.


We will be playing at Bass Pressure 6 on May 3rd and also in Spain again on June 7th. We are currently taking bookings for 2008, so please get in contact if you have any dates in mind.


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Afghan Headspin - Darkside - FREE MP3

Taken from our debut Afghan Headspin album "The Blimey Ladder", Darkside has been in the cd wallets of many dj's worldwide, and now we open it up for free download! LIke it? Please check out the album, available at iTunes, just search for "Afghan Headspin The Blimey Ladder", all 17 tracks can be bought seperately, or for a great discount buy all together as an album.


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Afghan Headspin April 2008 Mix free download (33 mins 30mb)

Afghan Headspin - Chien Lunatique - Trans:verse
Agent K & Bella - Sierra Leone - Phat Riderz Remix - Unknown
Breakfastaz - The March - Afghan Headspin Remix - Cyberfunk
Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp - Mars Remix - Standard
Takomo - 3.1459 - Afghan Headspin Remix - Viral
Dilemn - Daylight - Afghan Headspin Remix - Bombtraxx
Mobius - Thugz - Afghan Headspin Remix - Ape
Mars - Beast - Standard
Mars & Phat Riderz - Communistic Funky Beat - 4kuba Remix - XSSR

Standard - new label by Afghan Headspin

We have decided that Standard will be a digital label only, full worldwide distribution will be done by Nu Urban Music

Currently the first releases are being given to dj's and the masters will be going off shortly for mastering before sale.

Release schedule will start as:

Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp (Mars Remix)
Mars - Beast

You can hear these out and about in the clubs getting played by selected dj's, more news when we have final release dates!

In the studio with Afghan Headspin video exclusive!

Click to view

This video was shot on Bex phone whilst working on the remix of Cybass' Shake It for Silo recordings....

Thursday, 10 April 2008

FREE mp3 mix download by MARS (Russia)

Featuring 2 Afghan Headspin tracks...



1. Mars And Prestige - In The Office [Basic Instinct Music]
2. Mars - We Are Drummers [Basic Instinct Music]
3. Dilemn - Daylight [Bombtraxx]
4. Mars Feat Dephonix - Feel Like This [Vortex]
5. Teknic B - Nightmare [L3]
6. Mars - Undiscovered Overdose
7. Afghan Headspin - Scanners [Downbeat]
8. Mars - I'd Like To F*ck Your Brains Up
9. Mars - Trouble
10. The Phat Riderz And Mars - Unfinished
11. Mars And Prestige - Watch Dis [Trans:Verse]
12. Prestige - The Crave (Mars Rmx)
13. Afghan Headspin - Shadow Lands [L3]
14. White Papoo - Primitif
15. The Phat Riderz And Mars - Remember
16. Mars - New - Unfinished

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Afghan Headspin - Scanners - BACK IN STOCK!

We are pleased to inform you that the following item is now back in stock at 11:32 2008-04-08.

DBP009 - Afghan Headspin - Scanners / [Anti-Science RMX] - Downbeat Productions

Stocks of this item are very limited however, and all orders will be taken on a first come first served basis.


Monday, 7 April 2008

Promo's out now for Afghan Headspin's MSG



MECH2031 Distributed by Z Audio RELEASED APRIL 2008


Mechanoise is especially excited about the first release from the Aghan Headspin boys. Having bonded with them at gigs in spain last summer it was clear that they had the kind of attitude to breaks and life in general that was very close to the Mechanoise vibe.

M.S.G has the brute force and attitude that makes it sound at home on the daddy of heavy breaks labels.

“War of the Worlds” samples intoduce a wall of noise which evokes thoughts of Tipper or Si Begg at their nastiest before the bassline drops with beats and catchy lead riff and ethereal vocal lines. Full of tight edits and heavy on the bass this one screams Mechanoise in your face before running off down the pub to get pissed and start a fight with anyone that looks at it’s pint funny.


On the flip comes a first release on Mechanoise from up and coming Spanish producer CoTe. Proving once again that the Spaniards really have upped the game as far as production of heavy breaks sounds, CoTe unleashes an intense array of beats and bass tightly produced and carefully edited for those who like their beats heavy as the come. Robotic voices and unwordly synths give this track mood and character above and beyond the average heavy breaks track!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Afghan Headspin forthcoming releases and projects

We have had our heads down in the studio for sometime now with no releases (no thanks to delays and vinyl / mp3 distribution issues), but dont fear, as 2008 is already looking like it will be our most prolific yet, so have a read below, and then a listen to see what we've been up to!

Forthcoming: (TBA tracks are still in negotiations with various labels)

Afghan Headspin - MSG - Mechanoise
Afghan Headspin - Chien Lunatique - Trans:verse
Afghan Headspin - Box Cake (TBA)
Afghan Headspin - Bang Spanner (TBA)
Afghan Headspin - Manana (TBA)
Takomo - 3.1459 - Afghan Headspin Remix - Trans:verse
Stormtooperz - Spirits - Afghan Headspin Remix - Audiogore
Mobius - Thugz - Afghan Headspin Remix - APE
Dilemn - Daylight - Afghan Headspin Remix - Bombtraxx
MARS - Beast - Afghan Headspin Remix - Standard
Breakfastaz - The March - Afghan Headspin Remix - Cyberfunk

There is also a few artists remixing some of our work too, Eskmo, Phat Riderz & MARS to name a few, so keep your ears to the ground for them too! We hope everything listed see's the light of day this year, maybe one or two will get through the net, so make sure you come and see us play out, or if you're a promoter, book us to get a listen in the club, as it should be heard!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Afghan Headspin - Box Cake - Myspace Update

We have uploaded loads of new tracks on our myspace page, including Boxcake, a remix of Stormtrooperz "Spirits", and many others, make sure you go grab a listen, everything will be scheduled for release over the coming months, so we'll post it here when we have further details