Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Skets! Free MP3 download

OK, so here goes, Afghan Headspin blog!

Out of interest Colin, Lump and Chunk is a reference to what?

Thought i'd start with a free 320kbs mp3 of SKETS. Unfortunately its very limited, 100 downloads only, lets see how far the track spreads!This track comes from our album "The Blimey Ladder", available on iTunes and many other download sites, so make sure you give it a listen if you like Skets. Remember, only 100 download links, when they've gone they've gone!

Talking of free tunes, check out Does It Offend You Yeah?'s website for a free mp3 of their latest release, i'm well in it!

And just for shits and giggles this is what my missus Becky is listening to at the moment!

For everything else Afghan Headspin related, check some of these links out >>>

Check back for some more beats and blogs soon....

Jason (Mackie)

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