Monday, 7 April 2008

Promo's out now for Afghan Headspin's MSG



MECH2031 Distributed by Z Audio RELEASED APRIL 2008


Mechanoise is especially excited about the first release from the Aghan Headspin boys. Having bonded with them at gigs in spain last summer it was clear that they had the kind of attitude to breaks and life in general that was very close to the Mechanoise vibe.

M.S.G has the brute force and attitude that makes it sound at home on the daddy of heavy breaks labels.

“War of the Worlds” samples intoduce a wall of noise which evokes thoughts of Tipper or Si Begg at their nastiest before the bassline drops with beats and catchy lead riff and ethereal vocal lines. Full of tight edits and heavy on the bass this one screams Mechanoise in your face before running off down the pub to get pissed and start a fight with anyone that looks at it’s pint funny.


On the flip comes a first release on Mechanoise from up and coming Spanish producer CoTe. Proving once again that the Spaniards really have upped the game as far as production of heavy breaks sounds, CoTe unleashes an intense array of beats and bass tightly produced and carefully edited for those who like their beats heavy as the come. Robotic voices and unwordly synths give this track mood and character above and beyond the average heavy breaks track!

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