Saturday, 5 July 2008

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MARS - Beast
Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp - MARS Remix


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Mars - Beast [Standard]
Lord Almighty. Bassline or what?. This thing sounds like it's going to rip you apart. Big bass, I mean BIG BAD MASSIVE NARLY BASS with sub oozing all over the place. Beast, this thing cannot be named better. It is exactly that. This tune will be huge. Simple, vicious and fucking RAH. It's like Hell on a power trip. DVNT.

Afghan Headspin bring us the first of what I’m sure will be many WICKED releases! With the intent of bringing us music with an attitude these guys have lined up just that for this first one Absolutely Incredible!Mars - Beast….Right from beat one you can tell that mars IS NOT messing around on this tune! Complete with snarling, roaring, fear of god invoking samples this tune is just what it suggests. When I tell you that during the breakdown i felt as though I should grab some kind of protection…..thats because i was truly a bit chilled. By the time the tune drops you really don’t know if you should be scared of the beast….or the BASS! This has got to be the grimiest, dirtiest, fuggin’ balls to the wall tune that I may have ever heard…..I LOVE IT! Big, Big Biiiiiiiig ups to mars and the boys at Standard on this one. This tune gets my official “Big Balla Breaks of the year” Award….and its only June. You MUST hear this tune.

Afghan Headspin - International Timewarp (Mars RmX)…. As a big fan of the Original, I was very excited to hear this tune. The first hint of a B-Line assured me that this would be another proper tune from Russian mastermind MARS. Choc full of smooth ass edits, solid drum lines, and more of that “Oh so Grimey” bass this tune is very fitting, and probably the perfect backer to a tune like “Beast”. Mars continues to bring us proper Peak hour grime and Standard gives us a good idea of how they intend on doing business. This label is one to get excited bout for SURE!
Standard is at this point a digital only label. Brought to us by Afghan Headspin this label is aimed at bringing hope back to the “heavy, grimey, Bass lovin” masses and they certainly do not fail with their first installment. With releases lined up from themselves (Afghan Headspin),Slim Blue, Eddie Noise, Phat Riderz, Xim N'Bass, BBB and MARS to name a few this label shows GREAT promise and has certainly gotten this reviewer extremely STOKED! KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THIS LABEL.......

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