Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Afghan Headspin Release Update Sept 2008

We have 2 remixes that have been sitting in the wings, but are now very close to getting released, first up is a remix of Mobius - Thugz, forthcoming on APE and also, Spanish label Audio Gore will be releasing our remix of Stormtrooperz - Spirits. The APE remix has a nod towards the early 90's, think Primal Scream / Stone Roses, and the Audio Gore release is a pure, balls out amen smasher! Don't forget our remix of Dilemn's Daylight will be getting mastered shortly too!

We also have just recieved back from Vent, a mastered version of our remix of their track Warez 3.5.1, this will be coming out via Colony Productions, run by Vents Sam Ashwell & Dave Tipper.

More remix news... does it ever end? We are about to go in the studio to take on 2 projects, one for Jodi from Mechanoise and also one for a crew from Spain, we will announce further info when we have them completed, could be a few weeks / months yet!

We are also starting a new original track called "Eat Dirt & Do One", which will be a re-working of an old Resonant Evil drum & bass track you may have heard of called "Troubleshoot", and we hope this to come out on Valium in the near future. Talking of Valium, we have also comissioned remixes of the next release - Vent - Go Gorilla / Turn The Page, from 4Kuba & Mars respectively, can't wait to get that project underway!

And finally to celebrate our release of "The Blimmey Ladder" LP on Beatport via Polar Red we are giving away the huge sounding DEAD RISING

We hope you enjoy this free download and it encourages you to BUY the album in full @ Beatport, iTunes, Napster or eMusic. Just search for Afghan Headspin The Blimey Ladder.

Thats all from us at the moment, more news when we have it! Keep it Afghan. Remember if you want to book us for dj / remix work email bujas4@aol.com direct.

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