Sunday, 17 May 2009

Unreleased Afghan Headspin tunes / remixes MAY 2009

Just a quick list of forthcoming bits and pieces for all you trainspotters out there:

Shut Up & Dance v's Afghan Headspin - Suicide
Cut La Roc v's Afghan Headspin - Untitled (Roc Star)
The Play Fellows - Hyjack - Afghan Headspin Mix (Roc Star)
Lightshapers - Synth Punk - Afghan Headspin Remix (APE)
Afghan Headspin - 5 Years 10 Years
Afghan Headspin v' MARS - Cocaine VIP
Stickybuds - ??? - Afghan Headspin Remix

Sorry about the ??? just can't remember the names of stuff, but a bit of digging and i'm sure all will be made apparent.

1 comment:

Jack said...

where can i get an mp3 of these? i bought a vinyl of suicide, and loved it. now wanna put it on my ipod, and listen to it everywhere and not just in my room on my decks.