Thursday, 2 April 2009

Afghan Headspin Spring Update...

So, where to start, things get crazier round here by the day! We've just finished a remix for APE of Lightshapers "On The Rocks", we're really happy with it, word is the original is now getting a vocal added, maybe we'll update our remix, maybe we won't, we shall see! We've also finished a remix for Cut La Roc's label Rocstar, of a track (name escapes me) by Playfellows, should be out this side of Summer. Masters have also been submitted for VALIUM003, 004 & 005! I'll do a proper update nearer the time of release, but lets just say we're really happy with the next 3 releases and hope it puts Valium on the radar a little.

We are about to start work on a collab with Cut La Roc for his forthcoming album, and also an original Afghan Headspin tune for a very special kids Cancer charity, i won't say anymore about that bar the fact there are many artists involved in this album and its got classic written all over it, and all in a great cause!

We have also agreed to take on Rennie Pilgrims track Eraser for remixing, we can't wait to get our grubby mits on the samples and do it proud, soon as Rennie is back from the Winter Festival (Seville) we should be under starters orders.

As for gigs we shall be hitting Southsea on the April 11th for Infected Breaks, so hope to see you there! To book us direct, hit us on

Talking of gigs, we'll also be at Glade this year, check the flyer....

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